Civil Litigation

Contact one of our Team members for assistance in any Civil Litigation matters:

Nick Jessen
DDI:+06 350 3769
Shannon Johnston
DDI:+06 280 2716
Alexandra Boustridge (Smith)
Senior Associate
DDI:+06 280 2940
Elliot Maassen
Senior Solicitor
DDI:+06 350 3773

Successful litigation involves intelligent analysis, compelling advocacy and practical outcomes. Our team works hard to resolve disputes successfully for our clients and have had excellent results in a wide range of areas. Our team work closely together, providing flexibility, adaptivity and experience to any issue that comes our way.
We will help you with disputes regarding contract, property, trust, employment, resource management, debt recovery and many more. We will work with you to determine the most appropriate approach for your objectives, and assist you in reaching a cost effective
and sustainable outcome.