Contact one of our Team members for assistance in any Estate matters:

Roger Kennedy
DDI: +64 6 350 3761

Lester Houghton
DDI: +64 6 350 3765
Ashley Muir
DDI: +64 6 350 3763

Cindy Cotter
DDI: +64 6 350 3767

Tracy Swensson
DDI: +64 6 353 5210

Our Estates team is one of the most recognised and well respected in the Manawatu. In situations that are at times emotional and difficult, we provide attention to detail, experience and empathy to ensure matters are dealt with seamlessly and without fuss. Tracy Swensson is an experienced Legal Executive and our resident estates guru. She works closely with our Partners in all Estate matters, and provides all of our clients, and their families, with impeccable serve. No problem is too big or small.