Personal Property and Asset Protection

Contact one of our Team members for assistance in any Personal Property and Asset Protection matters:

Roger Kennedy
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Lester Houghton
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Alexandra Boustridge (Smith)
Senior Associate
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Ashley Muir
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Asset protection is one of the most common areas of legal practice, and includes a wide range of services. Our team has a
strong commitment to helping our clients protect their most valuable assets. Whether you have a specific goal in mind, or if you simply wish to discuss your options, give one of our team a call. They can listen to what you’re after and point you in the direction
of the solicitor best suited to your individual needs and circumstances.
Our Personal Property and Asset Protection services include:

Wills Having an up to date will is important. We offer expert advice to
ensure you have the proper arrangements in place to protect your assets and your loved ones.
Trusts We have experience in Family, Charitable and Trading Trusts, as well as the transfer of assets, gifting and administration of trusts.
Enduring Powers of Attorney Powers of Attorney are designed to ensure your affairs are looked after by someone you trust if you lose capacity during your lifetime. We are happy to provide advice if you’re considering
granting Powers of Attorney, and assist you in doing so.
Creditor Protection Providing tailor made asset protection to meet your individual
requirements and to limit your exposure to risk.
Debt Recovery Assisting individuals through to large Corporates recover bad debts. Our services include advice on how to avoid bad debt, and drafting and registering securities.
Estate Planning and Administration Helping you decide how to organise your affairs to benefit your loved ones and protect your assets, and doing so in an efficient and sensitive manner.
Relationship Property Agreements We can assist you in protecting your assets now, so you’re
prepared if your relationship or marriage ends.